Inventory optimization and demand planning for organizations facing intermittent demand

Empowering you to align inventory policy with strategic objectives to maximize service and return on assets

Nucleus Research finds that Metro Transit achieves 4:1 ROI in less than 6 months

Nucleus Research evaluated Metro Transit’s deployment of SmartForecasts and found a 4x return on investment in the first 6 months of use. See the complete Nucleus study and learn how Metro:
  • Addresses intermittent service parts demand
  • Assesses tradeoffs between service improvement & inventory cost
  • Determines optimal reorder levels and order quantities
  • Reduced inventory and inter branch transfers while improving fill rates

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Five Key Challenges Facing Inventory Executives

Intermittent Demand

Control of Key Drivers

Conflicting Priorities

See-Saw Planning

Disempowered Team

Inventory Optimization

Policy optimization software for the Inventory Executive.
  • Predict service performance and inventory costs
  • Assess business impact of “what-if” inventory policies
  • Align inventory policy with corporate strategy
  • Establish operational framework to guide planning teams
  • Reduce inventory and improve service

Demand Planning

Demand planning and forecasting for planners and analysts.
  • Predict future demand accurately and efficiently
  • Modify forecasts based on business knowledge
  • Share forecasts for organization feedback and consensus
  • Track forecast accuracy
  • Connect to ERP to drive production planning and replenishment

Smart Recognition

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