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The skill set and experience of the planning team is vital to a successful implementation of forecasting and inventory optimization technology.

Many organizations are hesitant about investing in inventory planning, forecasting, and optimization technology initiatives due to lack of internal resources. Delaying these initiatives forces continued reliance on rule of thumb methods, spreadsheets, and inflexible ERP software that results in excess inventory levels, poor service levels, and little control over inventory spend.

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Smart Software’s consultants are equipped with our statistical modeling and optimization tools and deep domain expertise in demand planning, inventory optimization, and S&OP.

By initially sourcing certain key planning capabilities, your company acquires access to our domain knowledge and technology while preparing your organization to own the process when the timing is right. Planning as a Service options are available for:


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Optimization of Inventory Parameters

Smart Software consultants delivers statistically generated demand forecasts, reorder points and order quantity suggestions. Delivery is via automated csv file transfer and occurs monthly or weekly. Services include regular consultations to define and refine service level target and optimization preferences, review exceptions, and modify policy based on the goals of the business.

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Demand Forecasting

Smart Software consultants will prepare statistical forecasts, meet regularly with key stakeholders in order to incorporate business knowledge and establish the consensus demand forecast. Forecast accuracy reports will be prepared that detail how accuracy is impacted by the collaboration process.

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Smart IP&O, a modular platform for Inventory Planning & Optimization

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