Inventory Analytics

Quantify Inventory Value
Inventory Segmentation
Inventory Classification
Trend Metrics over time

Operational Performance

Measure Service Level Performance
Measure Fill Rate Performance
Calculate Turns, Holding & Ordering Costs
Trend Metrics over time

Supplier Insights

Measure Supplier Performance
Compare Supplier Lead Times
Rank Suppliers across available metrics
Trend Metrics over time

Who is Operational Analytics for?

Smart Operational Analytics is for executives, planners, and operations professionals who seek to

  • Measure inventory costs and performance in real time
  • Assess and compare Supplier performance
  • Identify root causes of stockouts, excess inventory, and late deliveries
  • share KPI’s such as service levels, turns, costs, and more across the organization
What questions can Operational Analytics answer?
  • What does my inventory look like? By value, count, classification?
  • Is my inventory trending up, down, or the same?
  • How much of my inventory is overstocked, understocked, or acceptable?
  • Can inventory be transferred from overstocked locations to under stocked locations
  • Can existing supplier orders be cancelled or deferred?
  • What are my current turns, service levels, and fill rates and how do they trend over time?
  • How many out of stock events occurred this week, this month, this quarter?
  • How are my suppliers performing, how do they compare?
  • What is my supplier lead time and how has it changed over time?
Inventory and Supplier Reporting for your Enterprise

Smart Operational Analytics empowers you to:

  • Benchmark service performance and inventory costs
  • Benchmark supplier performance
  • Assess and Classify Inventory by class, stage, and more
  • Share metrics with the organization
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