Wield inventory as a strategic asset.

SaaS solutions for manufacturing, distribution, and MRO supply chain leaders looking to proactively plan demand, balance tradeoffs, optimize stock levels, and drive more effective outcomes for their business.

Software for statistical forecasting, demand planning, and inventory optimization.



    • Create statistical forecasts.
    • Apply forecast overrides.
    • Measure forecast accuracy.
    • Deploy a proven solution quickly.

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Smart Demand Planner™ 


    • Forecast at multiple levels.
    • Import external forecasts.
    • Forecast demand by customer.
    • Develop a consensus forecast.

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Smart IP&O™ 


    • All previous features (included).
    • Optimize Stocking Policies.
    • Predict Service Levels and Inventory KPIs.
    • Supply Planning & Reporting.

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Feature Comparison

Uncertainty is expensive.

But with Smart, you’ll be ready for whatever comes next.

  • Generate accurate demand forecasts and optimal stocking policies in seconds.
  • Know how much is too much and when to add more.
  • Understand the cost vs. benefit of each inventory decision.
  • Wield inventory as a competitive asset.
  • Drive up service levels, and drive down costs.


Public Transportation Railroad Metro Service parts


“Smart is the only one out there that has really licked the intermittent demand modeling challenge. We get accurate information and more importantly at the lowest dollar. Without Smart, I think we would have seen continued growth in our inventory and not necessarily gotten any greater benefit for service.”

Chief Material Officer, Metro-North Railroad


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I studied all the best practices from numerous sources and found that Smart’s approach was addressing everything. Smart is helping me save time and automate the inventory planning process, which ultimately is helping me scale our business.  We now have a great inventory planning and forecasting process generating measurable value that can be plugged into whatever ERP we choose.

Chief Executive Officer

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“Smart IP&O allowed us to transform our manually maintained stocking levels to a service level-based model that drove significant improvements in fill rates while optimizing total inventory on hand.  The accurate forecasts of stocking levels provided fact-based data that allowed us to strategically phase the consolidation effort where warehouse space was at a premium.”

Manager Part Supply and Logistics, BC Transit

 Customers Using our Demand and Inventory Forecasting Software

MRO & Aftermarket Spare Parts



How the Smart IP&O Platform Can Help

Smart IP&O, a Digital Supply Chain Platform

Cloud Native Platform

A single, secure, and scalable native cloud platform with multiple end user Apps that helps you predict accurately, protect against uncertainty, and plan efficiently.

Intermittent Demand Planning

Engineered for intermittent demand, Smart’s field proven methods succeed on even the hardest to forecast, anything but normal, unplannable items.

Automate Supply Chain Decisions

You’ll build automated, exception based plans that adapt and respond to frequently changing business conditions while doing away with time intensive manual planning.

Collaborative Planning

Share collaborative “what if” demand forecasts, inventory policies and develop an authorized consensus plan aligned to achieve business objectives.

Probabilistic Forecasting

Predict a range of outcomes and the probability for each possibility to accurately prescribe risk adjusted stocking policies that optimally balance service levels and cost.

Smart ERP Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with your system of record with an automated bi-directional data exchange that ensures alignment between planning policies and execution.

Pursuing best practices in Demand Forecasting and Inventory Optimization

How to Forecast Spare Parts with Low Usage

How to Forecast Spare Parts with Low Usage

What do you do when you are forecasting an intermittently demanded item, such as a spare part, with an average demand of less than one unit per month? Most of the time, the demand is zero, but the part is significant in a business sense; it can’t be ignored and must be forecasted to be sure you have adequate stock.

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Six Demand Planning Best Practices You Should Think Twice About

Six Demand Planning Best Practices You Should Think Twice About

Every field, including forecasting, accumulates folk wisdom that eventually starts masquerading as “best practices.” These best practices are often wise, at least in part, but they often lack context and may not be appropriate for certain customers, industries, or business situations. There is often a catch, a “Yes, but”. This note is about six usually true forecasting precepts that nevertheless do have their caveats.

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Inventory managers struggle with the conflicting priorities of customer satisfaction and cost control. The featured article shows how to harness customer demand data to craft optimal inventory policies:
Measure current inventory policy performance: service levels, fill rates, inventory turns, and ordering costs.
Identify improvement goals: Assessing tradeoffs between inventory investment and the risk of running out.
Find the optimal balance point: Setting reorder points and order quantities that will achieve the results you require and much more in this article.

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    What Do You Need to Know About Forecasting and Planning Service Parts?
    This paper describes Smart Software’s patented methodology for forecasting demand, safety stocks, and reorder points on items such as service parts and components with intermittent demand, and provides several examples of customer success.