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Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization and

Demand Forecasting for Distributors

Smart Distributors use inventory as a competitive moat to differentiate on service, take market share, and maximize profitability.  Ship on time and in full without inventory bloat.

Selected Customers:  Distribution

Smart Software Customers; Aerospace – Aero Fastner
Smart Software Customers; Industrial Equipment – Spraying Systems
stellar uses smart software inventory optimization
Smart Software Customers; Durable Goods – Rose Brand
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Black Hawk
Smart Software Customers; Durable Goods – Hooker Furniture
US American Forecasting Planning Demand Inventory
Smart Software Customers; Pharma / Life Science – Thomas Scientific
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OEM Aftermarket Forecasting Planning Metals
extec uses smart software inventory optimization

Customer Success Stories

Rose Brand logo

Rose Brand selected demand and inventory planning software from Smart Software as the foundation for a methodical planning process.  This enabled them to effectively implement Min/Max inventory planning, setting optimal Minimum On-Hand values and order quantities.


Logo Impressart

Accurate forecasts are central to ImpressArt’s business model, the linchpin in its supply chain that ensures product availability through its strategic channel partners. Jeff Wolter, CEO of ImpressArt, explains why forecasting is so important, how he came to select Smart Inventory Planning and Optimization as Impress Art’s forecasting and demand planning system, and how better forecasts are helping their business.


Logo Impressart


“I studied all the best practices from numerous sources and found that Smart’s approach was addressing everything. Smart is helping me save time and automate the inventory planning process, which ultimately is helping me scale our business. We now have a great inventory planning and forecasting process generating measurable value that can be plugged into whatever ERP we choose.”

CEO, Impress Art


“Hooker Furniture has substantially improved its inventory performance through the use of Smart IP&O. It is an essential tool for our Sales and Operations Planning process, helping us align inventory with customer demand. We are more able to identify trends, pick up on changes in demand, and adapt our plans accordingly. The software is user friendly, easy to learn and navigate, and has helped us optimize our inventory and increase turns.”

VP Supply Chain Operations, Hooker Furniture Corp

Hardware Retailer Inventory

“If we do not have an item in our stores, our customers will go somewhere else to get it. With the improvements to our forecasts and inventory planning that SmartForecasts enabled, we have been able to reduce safety stock by 20% while also reducing stock-outs 35%. This has helped us grow our sales 15% in the past year. This ability to manage our inventory better contributed to our recent decision to expand our business to new locations.”


Demand Planner , Hardware Retailer


“The software allows us to identify parts that are outliers and then set the service level we want to offer our customers.  With that information, we can decide how much of that part we want to have on the shelf.”

Vice President, Aero Fastener

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