Statistical Forecasting

Predict trend, seasonality, uncover demand patterns and infuse forecasts with your business knowledge quickly, easily, and accurately.

Smart-Forecasts for Cloud forecasting and statistical analysis


Generating accurate statistical forecasts isn’t an easy task. Planners need to keep historical data continually up to date, build and manage a database of forecasting models, know which forecast methods to use, keep track of forecast overrides, and report on forecast accuracy. These steps are typically managed in a cumbersome spreadsheet that is often error-prone, slow, and difficult to share with the rest of the business. Forecasts tend to rely on one-sized fits all methods that require seasonality and trend to be added manually resulting in inaccurate predictions of what comes next


SmartForecasts™ Cloud is a statistical forecasting solution available on Smart’s Inventory Planning and Optimization Platform, Smart IP&O. It provides a statistically sound, objective foundation for your sales and operations planning process (S&OP). SmartForecasts automatically selects the most accurate forecasting method, allows users to fine-tune statistical and user-defined models, enables forecast and historical overrides, and automatically measures forecast error and bias. Forecast overrides are tracked and historical data is automatically updated eliminating the manual effort accompanying spreadsheet-based solutions. Coupled with Smart’s ERP connectors, results can be pushed to your ERP system of choice automatically. The result is more efficient sales planning, budgeting, production scheduling, ordering, and inventory planning process.

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    SmartForecasts Cloud

    SmartForecasts® is a forecasting and analysis software designed for forecasters, planners, and business analysts. It is fast, easy, and accurate. Run Smart’s Automatic Forecasting Tournament to accurately forecast sales, shipments, or other time-series data.

    What can you do with SmartForecasts?
    • Run a forecasting tournament that selects the right forecasting method for each item.
    • Hand-craft forecasts using several time-series forecasting methods and non-statistical methods.
    • Automatically predict trends, seasonality, and cyclical patterns.
    • Imports demand data from files
    • Leverage ERP connectors to automatically import demand data and return forecast results
    Who is SmartForecasts for?

    • Demand Planners.
    • Forecast Analysts.
    • Material & Inventory Planners.
    • Operational Research Professionals.
    • Sales Analysts.
    • Statistcally Minded Executives.

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