A Single Platform for Inventory Planning & Optimization

Smart Inventory Planning and Optimization (IP&O) is an integrated set of native web applications for demand planning, inventory optimization, and supply chain analytics that drives Sales & Operations Planning.  It provides a single, easy to use, easy to scale, easy to collaborate, environment with robust inventory and forecast modeling. Our “implement one, implemented for all” approach means you can address a discrete set of planning requirements initially such as demand planning & forecasting – and have the opportunity to utilize more of the suite as your requirements grow.  And you can do so without having to invest in additional data acquisition and implementation efforts. Smart IP&O is a convergence of robust demand forecasting methodologies, inventory optimization modeling, and consensus demand and inventory planning delivered via in an easy to use web interface accessible via any browser.

SMART IP&O includes the following modules

Smart Inventory Optimization

Smart Demand Planner

Smart Operational Analytics