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Smart Software is a leading provider of demand planning, forecasting, inventory optimization, and analytics solutions. Our web platform, Smart IP&O, leverages probabilistic forecast modeling, machine learning, and collaborative demand planning to optimize inventory levels and increase forecast accuracy. You’ll use Smart IP&O to create accurate forecasts and optimal stocking policies that drive automated ordering in SAP.

The platform includes file-based integration to SAP’s ERP Suite.

Smart IP&O offers an SAP cross-platform file-based integration that enables SAP customers to leverage built for purpose best of breed forecasting and inventory optimization applications. The integration supports customers running cloud and on-premises versions of SAP ERP, SAP S/4 HANA, and SAP Business One.

Smart’s data model and processing engine are designed to import and export data in a variety of file formats. Transaction data such as shipments, sales orders, supplier receipts are readily available in your SAP system. Simply export it from your data source to a file and Smart IP&O will take care of the rest.  All imported data is stored in our common data model so you can analyze trends, stocking policies, and inventory metrics in one place.

With Smart IP&O for SAP you can automatically recalibrate policies every planning cycle using field-proven, cutting-edge statistical and probabilistic models.  You can calculate demand forecasts that account for seasonality, trend, and cyclical patterns.  Safety stocks will account for demand and supply variability, business conditions, and priorities.  You can leverage service level driven planning so you have just enough stock or turn on optimization methods that prescribe the most profitable stocking policies and service levels that consider the real cost of carrying inventory. You can build consensus demand forecasts that blend business knowledge with statistics, better assess customer and sales forecasts, and confidently upload forecasts and stocking policies to SAP within a few mouse clicks.

Smart IP&O customers routinely realize 7 figure annual returns from reduced expedites, increased sales, and less excess stock, all the while gaining a competitive edge by differentiating themselves on improved customer service. To see a recorded webinar  that profiles Smart’s Demand Planning and Inventory Optimization platform, please register here:

Smart IP&O for SAP Optimizes Inventory and Improves Forecast Accuracy


Every day SAP recommends supplier orders, manufacturing jobs, and inventory transfers based on user defined demand forecasts and stocking parameters.  When changing these parameters, do you know what the impact will be on customer service level and inventory investment?  Do you know what your historical inventory and service level performance has been?  What is it likely to be in the future? Smart IP&O answers these questions and more.  It enables the management team to shape policies to meet business objectives while empowering the planning team to drive inventory reductions, service level improvements, and operational efficiency.

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