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Smart-Forecasts for desktop forecasting and statistical analysis

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SmartForecasts® is forecasting and analysis software designed for forecasters, planners and business analysts. It fast, easy, and accurate. You can be up and running within a few hours. Simply import your data as Excel files and run Smart’s Automatic Forecasting Tournament to accurately forecast sales, shipments, or other time-series data. Or use Smart-Forecasts powerful causal modeling feature enable you to exploit predictors such as price, promotions or leading economic indicators. SmartForecasts is fully compatible with our SaaS solution, Smart Demand Planner.

SmartForecasts ® Desktop

Smart-Forecasts software designed for forecasters planners business
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What can SmartForecasts do?
  • Forecasting tournament selects the right forecasting method for each item.
  • If you prefer, lets you hand-craft forecasts using several time-series forecasting methods.
  • Estimates and reports forecast uncertainty using a sophisticated “holdout” method.
  • Detects trends, seasonality, and cyclical patterns.
  • Helps you identify and exploit causal factors such as price, promotions, and leading indicators.
  • Imports historical data via Excel and flat (text) file transfer within seconds.
Who is SmartForecasts for?
  • Demand Planners.
  • Forecast Analysts.
  • Material & Inventory Planners.
  • Operational Research Professionals.
  • Sales Analysts.
  • Statistcally Minded Executives.

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