S&OP and IBP

 Align supply & demand, identify gaps in the plan, and effectively allocate resources to ensure organizational goals and objectives are achieved.


Companies often encounter a lack of cross-functional collaboration and alignment. Different departments within an organization often operate in silos, with each one focusing solely on its own goals and objectives. This fragmented approach can lead to disconnected planning and decision-making processes, resulting in inefficiencies, suboptimal resource allocation, and missed business opportunities. Flaws in S&OP and IBP processes include fragile just-in-time systems, simplistic deterministic forecasts, naïve rule-of-thumb-based replenishment rules, and outdated reorder points. Decisions are only as good as the data on which they are based, and companies often face data integrity issues, data silos, and inconsistent data formats. Not having access to these answers means that problems reveal themselves only after it is too late, and opportunities for improving the inventory planning process are overlooked, further contributing to poor performance.


Smart Software’s S&OP solution is a customizable set of reports driven by Smart Operational Analytics (SOA™) web-based reporting studio. S&OP reports are purpose built for your business and enable stakeholders to gain a holistic view of the business. By importing accurate forecasting, inventory management, supply, and demand planning data, it improves visibility and transparency across the organization, inventory, and financials, enabling better decision-making that identifies and remedies gaps between supply and demand. Smart’s S&OP solutions facilitate data-driven decisions, cross-functional alignment thereby empowering operational excellence in a dynamic business landscape.

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