Belmont, Mass., March 28, 2019 – Smart Software, Inc., provider of industry-leading demand forecasting, planning, and inventory optimization solutions, today announced that the Spring 2019 issue of Foresight Magazine features Dr. Thomas Willemain’s article “Are you a Victim of your Forecast Models.”  Len Tashman, Editor of Foresight states: “Here Tom Willemain, a longtime contributor to the journal, ponders why modeling and optimization algorithms haven’t displaced “gut instinct” in supply-chain forecasting as much as one would expect, given their penetration in kindred fields such as finance. It’s not that we can always trust models —far from it—but, as Tom puts it, What makes gut instinct dangerous is that it is so amorphous. Everyone who works a long time in a job develops instincts, but longevity is not the same as wisdom. It is possible to learn all the wrong lessons. Tom then provides a capsule summary of the advantages of modeling, but with the caveat that model error is a constant risk that requires monitoring and careful checking of its assumptions.

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