Analytics and Reporting

Monitor operations and supply chain performance


What is my inventory position today, on any item?  Where are we stocking out and how often? What are my delivery times?  Why did we ship late?  Do we have too much inventory in one location, not enough in another?  What are my real supplier lead times?   These are obvious, daily questions, and the answers can reveal underlying root causes that when resolved will improve supply chain performance.  But these answers are elusive, often because data is locked up in your ERP and only accessible via limited reporting views or spreadsheets.  Not having access to these answers means that problems reveal themselves only after it is too late and opportunities for improving process are overlooked further contributing to poor performance.

The Solution

Smart Operational Analytics (SOA) is a native web reporting platform that provides a fast, easily understood, current perspective on the state of your inventory, its performance against critical metrics, actual supplier lead times, opportunities to rebalance stocks across facilities, and help you uncover root causes to operational inefficiencies.

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