Electric Utility Management

Conferences and Trade Shows 2023

Electric Utility Management Conferences and Trade Shows 2023.

Develop and implement energy supply chains that are as efficient and economical as possible.



  Type City/State Date  

Industry Conferences

IEEE PES Joint Technical Committee Meetings 2023 In-person Jacksonville 7-Jan 2023
Iowa Onsite Wastewater Association 2023 Conference In-person Des Moines 11-Jan 2023
Onshore Wellsite Automation 2023   In-person Houston 24-Jan 2023
SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology 2023 Conference In-person The Woodlands 31-Jan 2023
2023 NAPE Summit – North American Prospect Expo In-person Houston 1-Feb 2023
2023 NYWEA 95th Annual Meeting & Exhibition   In-person New York City 6-Feb 2023
New York  
DistribuTECH Conference & Exhibition 2023 In-person San Diego 7-Feb 2023
2023 Smart Energy Summit: Engaging the Consumer In-person Austin 13-Feb 2023
Intersolar North America 2023 In-person Long Beach 14-Feb 2023
EES North America 2023 – Electrical Energy Storage In-person San Diego 14-Feb 2023
AWWA/AMTA Membrane Technology Conference & Exposition 2023 –   In-person Knoxville 20-Feb 2023
POWER-GEN International 2023 In-person Orlando 21-Feb 2023
SME Annual Conference & Expo 2023  In-person Denver 26-Feb 2023
AESP National Conference & Expo 2023 In-person New Orleans 27-Feb 2023
NRECA Annual Meeting & TechAdvantage 2023 Conference & Expo   In-person Nashville 3-Mar 2023
PowerTest 2023 In-person Orlando 8-Mar  
IFPE 2023 – International Exposition for Power Transmission In-person Las Vegas 14-Mar 2023
SPE/ICoTA Well Intervention Conference and Exhibition 2023  tion) In-person The Woodlands 21-Mar 2023
2023 NEWWA Spring Exhibition & Conference –  In-person Worcester 5-Apr 2023
Solar and Energy Storage 2023 In-person Austin 5-Apr 2023
2023 Texas Water Expo In-person Houston 11-Apr 2023
EEI – 2023 Transmission Distribution Meeting & Mutual Assistance In-person Dallas 16-Apr 2023
CWEA Annual Conference (AC23) – California Water Environment Association In-person San Diego 18-Apr 2023
2023 IEEE Green Technologies Conference In-person Aurora 19-Apr 2023
2023 Upper Midwest Electrical Expo In-person Minneapolis 19-Apr 2023
Battery Council International Power Mart 2023 Trade Fair In-person Louisville 23-Apr 2023
OTC 2023 – Offshore Technology Conference In-person Houston 1-May 2023
ALAC 2023 – Advanced Laser Applications Conference In-person Troy 3-May  
Michigan 2023
Association of California Water Agencies 2023 Conference In-person Monterey 9-May  
California 2023
CLEANPOWER 2023 Conference & Exhibition In-person New Orleans 22-May  
Louisiana 2023
DUG Eagle Ford Conference & Exhibition 2023 In-person Fort Worth 24-May  
Texas 2023
  In-person Florida 22-May  
USMA Conference 2023 Miami  
DUG Permian Basin 2023 In-person Fort Worth 22-May  
Texas 2023
2023 AEE East Energy Conference & Expo In-person Boston 7-Jun  
Massachusetts 2023
EEI – 2023 Spring Accounting Conference In-person Austin 11-Jun  
Texas 2023
2023 Water Environment Collection Systems Conference In-person Kansas City 27-Jun  
Missouri 2023
2023 IEEE PES General Meeting – IEEE Power & Energy Society In-person   16-Jul 2023
2023 SPI and ESI – North America Smart Energy Week In-person Las Vegas 11-Sep  
Nevada 2023
NEWWA Annual Conference 2023 – New England Water Works Association In-person Burlington 17-Sep  
Vermont 2023
PEI Convention 2023 – Petroleum Equipment Institute In-person Atlanta 3-Oct  
Georgia 2023
National Utility Contractors Association 2023 Convention In-person Scottsdale 12-Oct  
Arizona 2023

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There are dozens of conferences available that focus on Electric Utility Management and Smart Software has rounded up the greatest ones to get you started on filling in your business schedule for 2023. Managing Electric Utility Operations is a challenge that raises exponentially as your company grows. Power and Energy Operations Management is a responsibility that requires the best tools, systems, and practices in order to stay on top of things. Our top Electric Utility conferences feature trusted organizations, industry leaders, and experts who are delivering insights and tips to help you better manage your fixed assets and property. Some feature networking, PR opportunities others offer intensive sessions to educate how to make better operational decisions. Here’s The Entire List of Electric Utility Management Conferences and Trade Shows.

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