Pricing and Deployment



Smart Software offers “value based” subscription pricing starting at just $1,500 per month ensuring price transparency and affordability for companies of any size. Please contact us to learn more and receive a price quotation.

Subcription Pricing

Two Deployment options are available:

  1. Cloud Subscription
  2. On Site Subscription

Simply sign up for a monthly subscription and access SmartForecasts from your browser or choose to install locally.  Subscription pricing offers lower startup costs, faster implementation times, a solution that is always current,and faster return on investment.

Deployment Choice

Cloud Subscription


On Site Subscription

Hardware & Software      
Hardware & Software Managed by Smart Software


Hardware & Software Managed by Customer

Hosting Charges    
Monthly Subscription Fee covering software, maintenance and support  
Upgrades & Software Enhancements      
Managed by Smart Software – Software is always current, no downloads required    
Managed by Customer IT Staff – Available for download when released    
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