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For customers with intermittent, long tail demand managing spare parts, and/or are in asset intensive industries such as Aviation, Transportation, Manufacturing Equipment, and more, Smart Software recommends Spare Parts Know How, the leading online training resource for Spare Parts Inventory Management.   Spare Parts Know How, led by Philip Slater, covers the entire spectrum of service/spare parts inventory management including sourcing, data governance, and planning.  Philip’s courses are different than traditional supply chain and planning education because he uniquely focuses on what works for spare parts not generic principles and approaches that are applicable for higher volume, predictable businesses,  Lear more at


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White Paper:  Smart Software Gen2

In this white paper, we introduce “Gen2”, our next generation of probabilistic modeling technology that powers the Smart IP&O Platform.  We recount the evolution of Smart Software’s forecasting methods and we detail how Gen2 substantially expands the capabilities that have made Gen1 so useful to so many companies.  Finally, we will also give a high-level view of the probability math behind Gen2 . Fill in this form and we'll email you the paper.

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