Improve Forecast Accuracy

with Smart Software’s Cloud Technology

 Smart Software’s Cloud Technology. Instant economic benefits.


Multi-Tenant Cloud Architecture

Unified Operational data in a common data model such as product catalogues, customers, suppliers, warehouses and all common transactions.

Highly Redundant Storage Systems and well-defined data interoperability via integrations from customer’s master data management systems.

Built in BI capability that provides both out of the box reports as well as the ability to create custom reports.

Probabilistic Forecasting

Patented, APICS award-winning technology rapidly generates tens of thousands of possible scenarios of future demand sequences and cumulative demand values over an item’s lead time.


Intermittent Demand Forecasting

Smart Software use a unique empirical probabilistic forecasting approach that results in a highly accurate forecast of the entire distribution of cumulative demand over an item’s full lead time. The solution works particularly well whenever demand does not conform to a simple normal distribution.

Interactive Web Based Applications

Responsive applications, accessible securely over the internet, with multi- language support to enable global collaborative workflows around planning business processes.





SOC2  Compliant  Platform AICPA

Smart Software’s platform and operational processes are Soc 2 certified and implement industry standard best practices for security, backup, disaster recovery and other SaaS Supporting Processes.



Smart Integration Connectors

ERP specific and file based connectors enabling both cloud to cloud as well as cloud to on-premise integration for secure retrieval and update of operational data.





Flexible ML Data Processing

Custom adjustable framework to implement various statistical and ML algorithms on the large data sets.

Current support for timeseries/ML algorithms for forecasting.

New simulation-based algorithms and computing techniques are constantly being added by our data science team.

High Performance Computing Infrastructure

The smart platform is built and run on the AWS IAAS platform. This allows an elastic backend that can scale to accommodate load, sophisticated backup and redundancy, superior disaster recovery and global deployment via AWS’s extensive set of data centers.

Improve Forecast Accuracy with Smart Software and the latest Cloud Technology

Smart Software is a SaaS solution, offering a browser native thin client backed by a multi-tenant cloud-based platform for inventory optimization, demand planning, analytics, and statistical forecasting.  We have harnessed the power of the cloud, machine learning, big data analytics, probabilistic forecasting methods, optimization logic, and the latest database and programming technologies to help our customers improve forecast accuracy, reduce inventory costs, increase sales, and run a more efficient business.



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