SmartForecasts vs. Smart Demand Planner

Choose the right solution for you

SmartForecasts® Cloud


SmartForecasts® Cloud is a statistical forecasting solution that provides a statistically sound, objective foundation for your sales and operations planning process (S&OP).  SmartForecasts automatically selects the most accurate forecasting method, allows users to fine-tune statistical and user-defined models, enables forecast and historical overrides, and automatically measures forecast error and bias.

If you need to: 

Create statistical forecasts for products or products x location.

Apply forecast overrides to reflect your business knowledge.

Automatically push product forecasts to your ERP to drive MRP and/or replenishment.

Measure forecast accuracy.

Deploy a proven solution quickly and for a low upfront and ongoing cost. 


Then SmartForecasts is

the right app for you!

Smart Demand Planner™ 


Smart Demand Planner™ is a consensus demand planning solution. You can create accurate forecasts of any level of your product hierarchy. The collaborative workbench enables forecast overrides to be imported, applied, and approved by authorized users driving the consensus plan. Forecast accuracy is measured at every level, helping ensure that the best possible forecast is delivered to the business at both the aggregate and item mix levels.

If you need to: 

Forecast at multiple levels of a product hierarchy.

Import external forecasts.

Forecast demand by customer.

Develop a consensus forecast combining feedback from multiple stakeholders.

Deploy a field proven demand planning solution that drives S&OP.


Then Smart Demand Planner

is the right system for you!

Key Features SmartForecasts Cloud Smart Demand Planner

Data Import/Export/Forecast Cadence

API based integrations to supported ERP Solutions X X
File based integrations X X
Save forecast results to ERP or shared location on demand on demand
Historical bucketing and update frequency Monthly Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly
Data Capacity & Management

Number of time series supported 50,000 Unlimited
Unit of measure conversions Standard UOM Customizable
Forecast Methods and Automation

Automatically generated "hands off" forecasting once monthly once weekly or monthly
On Demand Statistical Forecasting X X
Broad range of statistical forecasting methods X X
Automatic “best pick” model selection X X
Custom model specification X X
Trend dampening X X
Non-statistical methods (e.g., same as last year, average, same as last month, etc.) X X
Forecast Management Features

Modification of historical periods and start dates to use X X
Modification of forecast end dates to use X X
Auto saving of overrides X X
Auto archiving of statistical forecast X X
Compare multiple archived forecasts X X
Filtering & Sorting X X
Overrides for Adding Judgment to Forecasts

Forecast overrides in table and graphically X X
Historical overrides in table and graphically X X
Override commenting with audit reports X X
Forecast Reporting and Accuracy

Numeric reports and graphic displays X X
Inclusion of history and/or forecasted values X X
Forecast vs. Actuals X X
Forecast vs. Forecasts X X
Forecast bias X X
Multi-Level and Consensus Forecasting

Save multiple versions of the forecast X X
Review colleagues’ forecasts & make changes X X
Multi-Level Forecasting (by Family, Region, Group, etc.) Product x Location only Fully Customizable Hiearchies
Customer Level Forecasting
Pivotable Hiearchies (change roll ups on the fly)
Time fences
Project Aggregation (Combines Projects into a master project)
Import External Forecasts from Excel
Advanced Data Management

Product Supersession (Link old Items to new) Supersession managed in ERP Customizable
Combine low volume customers and other time-series into "all other" category
Combine demand from multiple locations to the preferred location
Import and display future sales orders
Data Transformations
Demand history composition Standard Transaction Types Customizable

Smart IP&O customers routinely realize 7 figure annual returns from reduced expedites, increased sales, and less excess stock, all the while gaining a competitive edge by differentiating themselves on improved customer service. To see a recorded webinar that profiles Smart’s Demand Planning and Inventory Optimization platform, please register here:

Smart IP&O Optimizes Inventory and Improves Forecast Accuracy

Every day your ERP recommends supplier orders, manufacturing jobs, and inventory transfers based on user defined demand forecasts and stocking parameters.  When changing these parameters, do you know what the impact will be on customer service level and inventory investment?  Do you know what your historical inventory and service level performance has been?  What is it likely to be in the future? Smart IP&O answers these questions and more.  It enables the management team to shape policies to meet business objectives while empowering the planning team to drive inventory reductions, service level improvements, and operational efficiency.

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