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Epicor Smart IP&O Optimizes Inventory and Improves Forecast Accuracy


Every day Epicor recommends supplier orders, manufacturing jobs, and inventory transfers based on user defined demand forecasts and stocking parameters.  When changing these parameters, do you know what the impact will be on customer service level and inventory investment?  Do you know what your historical inventory and service level performance has been?  What is it likely to be in the future? Smart IP&O answers these questions and more.  It enables the management team to shape policies to meet business objectives while empowering the planning team to drive inventory reductions, service level improvements, and operational efficiency.

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    “Smart is the only one out there that has really licked the intermittent demand modeling challenge. We get accurate information and more importantly at the lowest dollar. Without Smart, I think we would have seen continued growth in our inventory and not necessarily gotten any greater benefit for service.”

    Chief Material Officer, Metro-North Railroad


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    I studied all the best practices from numerous sources and found that Smart’s approach was addressing everything. Smart is helping me save time and automate the inventory planning process, which ultimately is helping me scale our business.  We now have a great inventory planning and forecasting process generating measurable value that can be plugged into whatever ERP we choose.


    CEO, Impress Art



    “Smart IP&O allowed us to transform our manually maintained stocking levels to a service level-based model that drove significant improvements in fill rates while optimizing total inventory on hand.  The accurate forecasts of stocking levels provided fact-based data that allowed us to strategically phase the consolidation effort where warehouse space was at a premium.”

    Manager Part Supply and Logistics, BC Transit

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    Smart IP&O, a modular platform for Inventory Planning & Optimization

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