Smart Pricing

Smart IP&O, a Digital Supply Chain Platform

Pricing is value-based and tied to your company’s revenue and inventory value.

Actual pricing is based on a number of factors including number of items you’ll manage, inventory value, revenues, and complexity of your business and planning process. We are happy to customize a quote for you based on your particular situation.

Meet Customer Demand Software

Small Business

From $1,000/month

billed annually

Service Level Drivem Planning

Medium Business

From $5,000/month

billed annually

ICON SKU Proliferation

Large Business

From $10,000/month

billed annually


Inventory is very expensive. Typically, carrying costs associated with storing, ordering, and managing inventory represent 20-30% of the item’s unit cost annually. For every $1M in inventory it costs roughly $200,000- $300,000 annually to maintain. Conversely, an inventory that is too lean will result in frequent stockouts, lost sales, and eventually lost customers.

How much does it cost to not plan properly? To contend with stock-out after stock out, hits to on-time delivery, expedites, emergency production jobs, lost sales, and finger pointing?  How much does it cost annually to hold excess inventory you don’t need?  What about when that inventory needs to be written off when it becomes obsolete? Keeping inventory investments in check while maintaining high customer service levels is really hard to do and a constant balancing act. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

 Customers Using our Demand and Inventory Forecasting Software

MRO & Aftermarket Spare Parts




“Whatever the request, we need to meet our next day service commitment – Smart enables us to risk adjust our inventory, to be sure we have the products and parts on hand to achieve the service levels our customers require.”




Manager of Materials Management, FedEx TechConnect




“Smart’s service level planning methodology has led to productive conversations between sales and supply chain and given us a platform or common ground from which we base our discussions.”




Purchasing Manager , Forum Energy Technologies

“Smart is the only one out there that has really licked the intermittent demand modeling challenge. We get accurate information and more importantly at the lowest dollar. Without Smart, I think we would have seen a continued growth in our inventory and not necessarily gotten any greater benefit for service.”


Chief Material Officer, Metro-North Railroad

Smart IP&O, a modular platform for Inventory Planning & Optimization

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