Inventory Planning Processes Webinar with Microsoft 365 F&SC and AX

Cloud-based software integration with Microsoft 365 F&SC and AX with advanced probabilistic modeling.

This video explains the main problems of inventory planning processes and shows in a live Demo how to solve them.

Inventory Planning Processes with Microsoft Dynamics ERP


Smart Software is an international supplier of cutting-edge 100% cloud demand planning, forecasting, and inventory optimization solutions. The integration with Microsoft 365 F&SC and AX ​ brings the cloud-based Smart Inventory Planning and Optimization into the most recent version of Microsoft’s ERP solution. By flawlessly integrating strategic planning in Smart IP&O with operational execution in Microsoft 365 F&SC and AX, business users can continuously predict, take action and plan more successfully in today’s uncertain business environment.

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    Cloud Inventory Optimization, Demand Planning, Analytics, and Forecasting for Microsoft 365 F&SC and AX

    Smart Software helps companies deliver insightful business analytics for inventory modeling and forecasting that drive ordering and replenishment in Microsoft’s 365 F&SC and AX  latest version. With Smart IP&O, industries can shape inventory strategy to align with the business objectives while empowering their planning teams to reduce inventory and improve service. This allows executives and their planning team to identify operational inefficiencies, accurately forecast demand, model the financial and customer impact of current and proposed inventory policies, and return optimal planning parameters and forecasts to drive replenishment.

    The Smart integration makes all transactional data in Microsoft 365 F&SC and AX, such as sales orders, shipments, inventory on hand, and more, available in Smart IP&O’s data model. With Smart Software, companies that control inventory optimization and forecasting technology can better drive their operations, lower costs, improve customer service, and conquer the competition.