Achieving Inventory Optimization with Cloud Analytics

Service level driven Inventory Optimization with Cloud Analytics, to plan thousands of items with advanced probabilistic modeling.

This video explains how service level driven, scenario-based planning combines the ability to plan thousands of items with advanced probabilistic modeling.


Learn how new probabilistic predictive modeling techniques help you discover and understand trade-offs between service levels and inventory investments leading to reduced inventory and improved customer service. By progressively building, sharing and revising performance scenarios you can establish objectives, model the performance you can expect, and then implement, automatically setting stocking policies for all of your items. What will demand be for each of our thousands of products? How important is it that we don’t run out? This is largely the point of your Inventory Planning process but how well is it working for you?
10 Inventory Optimization with Smart Cloud Analytics


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    Learn how Smart Inventory Planning and Optimization will help you:

    • Reduce Excess Stock and Prevent Stockouts
    • Find the optimal balance between inventory cost and service levels for each of thousands of items.
    • Then make it so – returning trigger values to your ERP to drive replenishment.

    Armed with this information, you’ll be able to document your Inventory Planning process more clearly and identify opportunities for financial savings and process improvement.