Smart Operational Analytics (SOA)



Smart Operational Analytics is a web application for monitoring and reporting on the state of your supply chain operations.

Before you can implement change, past performance across a core set of inventory KPI’s must be documented and shared across the organization.  This ensures a thorough understanding of how the prevailing policies have impacted key metrics for supply chain success.  Metrics are reported over any time frame and over any user defined grouping.  Users can drill down to investigate root causes. Discoveries will point users to the other modules on the platform, Smart Demand Planning and Smart Inventory Optimization where demand forecast and inventory policies can be adjusted accordingly.  SOA leverages all operational transactions in your ERP system or corporate database and provides a number of KPI’s including service levels, fill rates, and vendor performance.  SOA’s web architecture enables all stakeholders from sales to finance and operations to log in and access the same data and reports via a browser.

Inventory Analytics

Quantify Inventory Value
Inventory Segmentation
Inventory Classification
Trend Metrics over time

Operational Performance

Measure Service Level Performance
Measure Fill Rate Performance
Measure Availability
Calculate Turns, Holding Costs, Ordering Costs
Trend Metrics over time

Supplier Insights

Measure Supplier Service Levels and Fill Rates
Measure and Compare Supplier Lead Times
Trend Metrics over time
Rank suppliers across available metrics

Who is Operational Analytics for?

Smart Operational Analytics is for executives, planners, and operations professionals who seek to

  • Measure inventory costs and performance in real time
  • Assess and compare Supplier performance
  • Identify root causes of stockouts, excess inventory, and late deliveries
  • share KPI’s such as service levels, turns, costs, and more across the organization

What questions can Operational Analytics answer?

  • What does my inventory look like? By value, count, classification?
  • Is my inventory trending up, down, or the same?
  • How much of my inventory is overstocked, understocked, or acceptable?
  • Can inventory be transferred from overstocked locations to under stocked locations
  • Can existing supplier orders be cancelled or deferred?
  • What are my current turns, service levels, and fill rates and how do they trend over time?
  • How many out of stock events occurred this week, this month, this quarter?
  • How are my suppliers performing, how do they compare?
  • What is my supplier lead time and how has it changed over time?

Inventory and Supplier Reporting for your Enterprise

Smart Operational Analytics empowers you to:

  • Benchmark service performance and inventory costs
  • Benchmark supplier performance
  • Assess and Classify Inventory by class, stage, and more
  • Share metrics with the organization

SOA implements in just 30 days

Smart Software has developed ERP connectors that will automatically upload required data to SOA.  Our import tools can be configured to handle a variety of data formats so even if a formal connector isn’t available for your ERP, we can help. Contact us to learn more about how you can access SOA and start monitoring your supply chain today.

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    Smart IP&O Application Suite

    Smart Demand Planner: Automatic Statistical Forecasting; Multi-Leap Group Forecasting; Collaborative Planning
    Smart Inventory Optimization: Optimize RDP, Min, Max, Safety Stock, Order Qty; Reduce Inventory; Increase Service Levels
    Smart Operational Analytics: Track Inventory Costs, units, Turn, and Value; Supplier Analysis and Comparison; Measure Historical Service Levels
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