Smart Inventory

Optimization (SIO)


Smart Inventory Optimization is a native web application designed to optimize your inventory planning parameters including reorder points, safety stocks, and order quantities.  

Collaborative optimization and monitoring are at the heart of SIO.  Policies can be reviewed and assessed across a variety of inventory cost and performance metrics.  

Modified policies are automatically collected for approval by authorized users leading to a consensus inventory policy that drives replenishment planning.   Once submitted, the agreed upon policy is monitored and will alert users to exceptions ensuring that potential deviations from the stated policies are identified, reviewed, and modified accordingly.


Optimal Inventory Levels

Reduce Excess Stock
Improve Service Levels
Minimize Buyer Transactions
Maximize Return on Assets

Organizational Consensus

Balance Service Levels and Cost
Clear Communication on Stockout Risk
Clear Communication on Service Risk
No Departmental Finger Pointing

Operational Connectivity

Align Process with Strategic Objectives
Empower Planning Team to “make it so”
Optimize as conditions change “keep it so”
Pass Results to ERP to drive operations

Inventory optimization by Smart Software – how it can help executives and business savvy planners

Who is Inventory Optimization for?

Smart Inventory Optimization is for executives and business savvy planners who seek to

  • Yield maximum returns from inventory assets
  • Address the problem of highly variable or intermittent demand
  • Broker the service vs. cost tradeoffs between different departments
  • Develop a repeatable and efficient inventory planning process
  • Empower the team to ensure operational plan is aligned with strategic plan

What questions can Inventory Optimization answer?

  • What is the best service level achievable with the inventory budget?
  • What service levels will yield the maximum return?
  • If lead times increased, what would it cost to maintain service?
  • If I reduce inventory, what will the impact on service be?
  • If order quantity increases, what will the impact on service and costs be?
  • What is the order quantity that balances holding and ordering costs?
Inventory optimization by Smart Software – learn what questions can it answer
Inventory Forecasting and Inventory Optimization by Smart Software empowers inventory executives to achieve their goals.

Inventory Forecasting for the Inventory Executive

Smart Inventory Optimization empowers you to:

  • Predict service performance and inventory costs
  • Assess business impact of “what-if” inventory policies
  • Align inventory policy with corporate strategy
  • Establish an operational framework that guides the planning team
  • Reduce inventory and improve service
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