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Smart Operational Analytics ™ Bewaak de activiteiten en prestaties van de supply chain


Flaws in supply chain planning include fragile just-in-time systems, simplistic deterministic forecasts, naïve rule-of-thumb-based replenishment rules, and outdated reorder points. Would you be able to answer what is your inventory position today, on any item?  Where are you stocking out and how often? What are your delivery times?  Why did you ship late?  Do you have too much inventory in one location, not enough in another?  What are your real supplier lead times?   These are obvious questions, but extremely important, and the answers can reveal underlying root causes that when resolved will improve supply chain performance.  But these answers are elusive, often because data is locked up in your ERP and only accessible via limited reporting views or spreadsheets.  Creating these reports manually using Excel requires data imports, reformatting, and distribution to key stakeholders, wasting countless hours of valuable planning time. This means that getting updated information when you need it, is not always possible. Not having access to these answers means that problems reveal themselves only after it is too late, and opportunities for improving the inventory planning process are overlooked, further contributing to poor performance.


Smart Reporting Studio (SRS™) is a native web reporting solution available on Smart’s Inventory Planning and Optimization Platform, Smart IP&O.  It provides a fast, easily understood, current perspective on the state of your inventory, its performance against critical metrics, actual supplier lead times, opportunities to rebalance stocks across facilities, and helps you uncover root causes of operational inefficiencies.  You can build your own customized reports with and SRS automatically refreshes as often as you’d like providing all stakeholders immediate, up-to-date reporting on your operations and performance. Provide responses to critical business questions by having constant visibility of inventory levels, orders, shipments, and supplier performance to ensure you’ll always be in tune with the state of your operations and resolve issues before they become problems. Identify areas to cut costs and to allocate budget. Enhance visibility. Improve responsiveness. Increase your bottom line.

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    Smart Reporting Studio (SRS)

    Smart Reporting Studio Inventory Management Supply Software


    Inventory value kwantificeren
    Cut costs and allocate budget
    Inventory classification
    Quickly generate reports and collaborate with your team

    Operationele prestatie

    Prestaties op service level meten
    Identify critical business opportunities
    Bereken beurten, vasthoud- en bestelkosten
    Generate custom dashboards and views


    Prestaties van leveranciers meten
    Levertijden van leveranciers vergelijken
    Rangschik leveranciers op basis van beschikbare statistieken
    Trendstatistieken in de loop van de tijd

    Who is Reporting Studio for?

    Smart Reporting Studio is for executives, planners, and operations professionals who seek to:

    • Measure inventory costs and performance in real-time.
    • Identify critical business opportunities
    • Assess and compare supplier performance.
    • Identificeer de hoofdoorzaken van stockouts, overtollige voorraad en late leveringen.
    • Share KPI’s such as service levels, turns, costs, and more across the organization.
    What questions can Reporting Studio answer?
    • Hoe ziet mijn voorraad eruit? Op waarde, aantal, classificatie?
    • Gaat mijn voorraad omhoog, omlaag of hetzelfde?
    • Hoeveel van mijn voorraad is overbevoorraad, onderbevoorraad of acceptabel?
    • Kan voorraad worden overgedragen van locaties met een te grote voorraad naar locaties met een tekort aan voorraad?
    • Kunnen bestaande bestellingen van leveranciers worden geannuleerd of uitgesteld?
    • Wat zijn mijn huidige beurten, serviceniveaus en opvulpercentages en hoe ontwikkelen ze zich in de loop van de tijd?
    • Hoeveel niet-voorraadgebeurtenissen hebben deze week, deze maand, dit kwartaal plaatsgevonden?
    • Hoe presteren mijn leveranciers, hoe vergelijken ze?
    • Wat is de doorlooptijd van mijn leverancier en hoe is deze in de loop van de tijd veranderd?
    Voorraad- en leveranciersrapportage voor uw onderneming

    Smart Operational Analytics stelt u in staat om:

    • Benchmark serviceprestaties en voorraadkosten.
    • Benchmark de prestaties van leveranciers.
    • Quickly generate reports and collaborate with your team
    • Beoordeel en classificeer de inventaris per klasse, fase en meer.
    • Generate custom dashboards and views
    • Deel statistieken met de organisatie.

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